Collaborate with your leads instead of estimations in the dark

You want to discuss the scope of the next milestone and not your hourly rate. Collaborate with your leads and clients to scope the right offer for what they really want to get.

Sick of guessing what your lead really needs?

Instead of guessing the features, milestones and core elements from rough descriptions dropped during rushed calls. Start to collaborate with your leads right from the beginning and treat them as clients before they even now whats going on.

Agile is not equal chaos

Stuck in fixed and blind „follow the plan“ projects just because it was agreed in the initial offer?We felt the same pain as well. Often. Even when you try to work closely with your client it becomes either a constant stream of change requests or endless discussions if things are in or out of the scope agreed early on.We found that the only real solution to that is to start with agile collaboration even before the offer was signed. Get the client in the habit of accepting the dynamics of software development while still in the lead stage.Work out small increments with them in order to minimize changes during execution.Thats the only real way to work in an truly agile way with non-technical people.

What does that super duper large bag of vivid ideas cost me and is it ready tomorrow?

You can‘t eastimate something that‘s even to large to load into your brain in one go. Where is even the point in estimates when it‘s to large to know it‘s start and end. It‘s boundaries and implications?
The only real chance you‘ve got is to make things as small as possible.
Agilescope helps you and your clients to get down to the bare metal elements of your discussions and gives you a chance to feel and discuss their complexity right when you need it. Step by step, brick by brick.

Either take it or leave it.

When you give clients several options to reach their goal, the only thing left is to discuss which way is the best for them. Where is the biggest ROI? What path is the least risky one?
You no longer need to discuss about due dates and hourly rates, you now discuss about options, versions priorities and scopes. This is where a happy and long term client relationship comes from.

Private Beta. Get on board.

At the moment we are is private beta. Join the waiting list to be the next to jump on board and srart living a happier live as freelancer with a growing number of happy clients just waiting to give you more referrals.

Collaborate with your leads

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