Scope your Estimates

Know what your clients really want
and start on the right foot.

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"We tried all the different communication tactics
and still had distracting scope discussions with our clients..."

That's what one of our customers told us and what we experienced as well while working as freelancers.

Having a fuzzy understanding of your projects scope is the number one reason for failed projects. We were looking for a way to clear up that mess.

That's why we built Agilescope. To be clear on your projects scope and build sustainable relationships with happy clients.

Distraction Free

Producing accurate estimates is an art.
Therefore you need a clean and simple tool to be able to think about what matters most. Your next project.

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Partner with your Customer

Invite your Customer to get on the same page.
Ask questions and answer those of your Customer.
Discuss the scope of the project and partner up to deliver the best experience for both of you.

Set your goals

Use general 'Messages' to talk about overall topics like goals and terms.
Those goals are vital for staying focused. For both of you.

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Get your answers

There are times where you need to get answers quickly.
Just add comments to the individual items to request more information and get notified when it has been answered.

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